Our Facilities

Camera Login/Web-cam
Parents are provided with the opportunity to see their child interact with other children via a secure internet based camera. Parents are provided with a user name and password to view their child’s classroom and assigned playground.

Classrooms are arranged to offer challenging play and learning choices at the children’s range of developmental levels. Each classroom is divided into Learning Centers giving the children opportunity to become independent learners. The organizing of space and materials into effective Learning Centers has clear benefits on the children. Children learn best by being engaged in active, hands-on activities (play), while having the freedom to make their own choices form a strong foundation for their future success. Below are some added features:

  • Individual spacious classrooms 
  • Plenty of natural lighting in each classroom
  • Equipped with age appropriate unique open-ended materials
  • Each classroom from ages 1 ½ and up has their own individual bathrooms to minimize incidents
  • Spacious age appropriate playgrounds
  • Front Door Key Code allows us to screen every person entering the building.
  • Electronic Clock in/out system tracks real time attendance allowing administration to staff accordingly